Terna, the Italian transmission grid operator, and RTR, the leading Italian solar energy platform, are pleased to announce that they have just signed a long-term agreement which expands the already proven collaboration between the two companies.

Terna, the leading network operator in Europe and one of the largest on a global scale with over 72,000 kms of high voltage lines operated in Italy, aims at capturing the business opportunities stemming from technological innovations and the energy transition.

RTR, as the leading consolidator of the Italian solar PV market, has grown to become the leading independent solar energy operator in the country and also the country’s most geographically diversified power generator: it owns over 134 solar PV plants of various sizes, with a capillary distribution over more than 100 municipalities, from Friuli to Sicily.

“The agreement is the result of a common vision on the development prospects and the best-practice management and operations of solar PV in Italy, which is truly entering a new era” , comments Ingmar Wilhelm, RTR’s Chairman and CEO. “We are highly satisfied with the level of professionalism, the quality of services and the attention to health and safety that Terna ensures in the Operations & Maintenance of our plants. Therefore, we are very pleased to prolong this important partnership with Terna, which among other things will allow us also to address new projects in a very flexible way” concludes Wilhelm.

“We are pleased to renew our partnership agreements with RTR, the operator that was built-up starting from the major photovoltaic development projects launched by Terna some years ago,” says Luigi Ferraris, Terna’s CEO and General Director. “This move is in line with our objective of ushering the development of renewables and facilitating their complete integration in the electrical system”

The agreement will become effective as soon as the conditions precedent will be satisfied.