478 million kWh of electricity produced from 332MW installed capacity inplants throughout Italy, a record for the country’s leading photovoltaic industry platform. Says Ingmar Wilhelm, chief executive officer: «A success of combining investments in innovation with operational excellence».

2017 was an exceptional year for solar energy throughout Europe, and for Italy in particular. RTR, the leading independent solar photovoltaic operator with 332 MW of installed capacity, has been able to transform exceptional weather conditions into a record production of 478 million kWh nationwide.

«Working at the highest levels of capacity and performance in a very sunny year, this is our track record for 2017», underlined Ingmar Wilhelm, chief executive officer of the RTR Group.

The volume of electricity that RTR generated in 2017 is equivalent to the annual consumption of around 170,000 Italian households.

Adds Matteo Riccieri, chief operating officer of RTR, «We have exceeded our annual production target by more than 20 million kWh. Continuous and precise monitoring, along with the ability to intervene rapidly on each of our 132 systems are the backbone of this success».

With a plant availability exceeding 99.3 percent across the Group’s portfolio, RTR’s performance in 2017 marks one of the highest levels achieved in Europe’s photovoltaic industry.

The RTR portfolio’s production peaked on June 8, 2017 when the group set a new record for daily production, equivalent to 2 million kWh.

«Investing in the efficiency of our IT systems, in selected technological improvements for our plants and in personnel training – these are the keys toour operational strategy that create excellent results», concludes Riccieri.