From the 14-16 September, RTR attended the Pontignano Conference, which is organised by the British Council and the British Embassy in Rome, entitled “Liberalism in Crisis?”

The Conference dealt with four themes to revive ideas and investment in key sectors for the two countries and for the rest of Europe: higher education and research to create youth employment; the role of the business in creating prosperity; security and defence for the resilience of the two nations; the new political implications following Brexit for the UK, Italy and Europe.

In its 25th edition, the Pontignano Conference is a UK-Italy forum that brings together politicians, parliamentarians, journalists, entrepreneurs and business managers, both Italian and British.

In attendance were former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato, former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta, Minister for Territorial Cohesion and Mezzogiorno Claudio De Vincenti, the English Ambassador to Rome Jill Morris, the Minister for University, Science, Research and British Innovation Jo Johnson, and the former minister of education Lord David Willets.

RTR sees the energy sector and renewables in particular as an excellent space for contributing to economic recovery and for developing employment for young people. That is why it is necessary to define bold and unique objectives with clear and reliable rules for implementation that will create an appealing environment for investments, both national and international. In this light, photovoltaic solar is one of the most dynamic and promising sectors.

RTR supports this important political and economic high-level initiative as an official Partner of the event. Present at Pontignano was Ingmar Wilhelm, RTR’s Chief Executive Officer, and Stefano Lagna, Chief Financial Officer.

The event program can be viewed on the British Council’s website at the address: