RTR achieves record year in 2017:
478 GWh electricity generation, 158 M€ revenues and 134 M€ EBITDA

Rome and Rovereto, April 2018

RTR, Italy’s leading independent solar energy platform with 334MW of operating capacity, has approved2017 financial statements, confirming an all-time high on all three key parameters: electricity generation,revenues, and EBITDA.

The figures are:

  • 478 million kWh of electricity generated (+7.4% on 2016);
  • 158 million € of revenues (+8.0% on 2016);
  • 134 million € of EBITDA (+8.5% on 2016).

I am very pleased with the 2017 results, which exceed all our targets”, stated Stefano Lagna, RTR’s CFO. “Thanks to the excellent availability and performance levels achieved at our plants, we were able to captureall the solar energy of this high-irradiation year. With the additional contribution of a proactive managementof our position on the power market and costs under control, we are very pleased to have produced RTR’s best results since inception.”

“Competence and dedication are both key factors for success in the photovoltaic power generation sector”,added Ingmar Wilhelm, RTR’s CEO. “The expertise and experience of RTR’s team, coupled with economies ofscale of our portfolio, are the perfect combination for an accelerated growth going forward.”

NOTES: The EBITDA figure is given by: (i) consolidated 2017 EBITDA of the RTR Capital Group, prepared on the basis of International Financial ReportingStandards (IFRS), adjusted for non-recurring costs, plus (ii) pro-forma 2017 EBITDA of the RTR Holdings VII Group.


About RTR:

RTR is the leading independent solar photovoltaic power generator in Italy and one of the major platforms in this sectorin Europe. Since inception in 2011, RTR has grown through a series of acquisitions and counts today 334MW of capacityat 134 sites. The company is 100% owned by Terra Firma, one of Europe’s leading private equity firms.

For further information:
please email to: media.relations@rtrenergy.it, to the attention of Massimo Donelli and Emanuele Bompan