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RTR closes 2017 with record electricity production

478 million kWh of electricity produced from 332MW installed capacity inplants throughout Italy, a record for the country’s leading photovoltaic industry platform. Says Ingmar Wilhelm, chief executive officer: «A success of combining investments in innovation [...]

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RTR enthusiastically welcomes the new Italian National Energy Strategy

Italy recently launched its new energy strategy, providing long term growth targets and attractive support for the development of renewable energy sources, and photovoltaics in particular. As the leading independent solar operator in Italy, RTR [...]

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RTR’s very promising results from its PV plant improvement plan

RTR is one of Italy’s leading PV operators. RTR has seen promising results from its plant improvement plans. The business has launched ten initiatives that are expected to yield average productivity gains of 2 percent [...]

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RTR breaks daily production record with over 2 million kWh

Pushing beyond its own limits has always been one of RTR’s operational goals, which goes hand-in-hand with continuously seeking to improve performance and results. The latest news comes from the operations department announcing a new [...]

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